Predictive Analysis of the Labour Market

Conference on Data Science – Indian Chapter of SIGKDD – 2016



The IKDD CODS Data challenge presents an opportunity to explore the dynamics that might influence the Indian labour market by analysing employment data. The data challenge expects to learn a prediction model for salaries, understand the key dependencies and present our insights through visualizations. We are using TCS Research’s iFuse platform (Please go to “Visual Bayesian Fusion to Navigate a Data Lake” project to explore) to derive insights and make predictions using the data provided. iFuse is a web-based visual analytics platform with built-in machinelearning capabilities based on Bayesian graphical models. We use iFuse to learn new models using domain knowledge, statistically validate hypotheses and analyse data as well as models and model-predictions using a variety of visualization techniques. In particular we have used the following iFuse features to address the data challenge:
1) Bayesian Network Models
2) Visual Model Inference
3) Visual Analytics

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